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Step 1

Sign up here to get your own Kwikqy workspace

Every sign up included a free 7 day trial period. After the initial 7 day trial you can request to extend the trial for another 7 days. However, we are convinced you will want to use Kwikqy after your first trial period of one week.

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Step 2

Easily migrate all your data to Kwikqy with our dedicated tools

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We are more than happy to support you migrating and setting up your Kwikqy workspace.

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Step 3

Login to your Kwikqy workspace and start working together with your team and customers

Your workspace

The URL and name of your workspace will be your provided

Login and start using Kwikqy

Finally work wherever you want, location and time independent!

Start working wherever your want, on the beach, in the Alps, anything is possible.

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