Brand assets

In case you want to use or feature the Kwikqy brand anywhere, you will find below the correctway to use our logo and mission statement. Please read them carefully before using the Kwikqy brand anywhere.

Our mission statement
We have three versions of our mission statement which you can use: a one-liner, short and long version. Use the version that fits your needs the most.

Available in English, Spanish, German, and Dutch. Contact us if you would like to receive our mission statement in a different language.

Kwikqy is a collaborative hub, regardless of the work you do.

Request use of the Kwikqy brand
If you want to use Kwikqy brand then you can submit a request on this page. Request
Brand Terms

If Kwikqy approves your request to use any Kwikqy trademarks, logos, web pages, screenshots, or other distinctive features (“Kwikqy Brand”), you agree to be bound to the terms and conditions as described on this page.