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Work wherever you want as a digital nomad, thanks to Kwikqy's artificial intelligence, working smart together with the Kwikqy Bot.

Benefits of Kwikqy CRM based on artificial intelligence
Benefits of Kwikqy CRM based on artificial intelligence
Benefits of Kwikqy CRM based on artificial intelligence

Introducing the Kwikqy Bot

What is a bot?

A bot, short for robot, is a software tool that performs automated, repetitive, pre-defined tasks. Bots typically imitate or replace human user behavior. Because our Kwikqy Bot is automated, it can operate much faster than humans. The Kwikqy Bot carries out useful functions, such as customer service.

Advantages of the Kwikqy Bot
  • task_alt Faster than humans at repetitive tasks
  • task_alt Saves time for customers and clients
  • task_alt Reduces labor costs
  • task_alt Available 24/7
  • task_alt Offers an improved user experience
  • task_alt Multi-purpose
The Kwikqy Bot, based on artificial intelligence
Let Kwikqy unburden you

There are many AI use cases in CRM. While most companies have become increasingly better at collecting customer data, far from all of them are able to do the analysis, mining, and understanding that is required to make full use of this data.

Benefits of Kwikqy CRM based on artificial intelligence

Increased sales

Our CRM tools offer valuable insights on your customers and help your busines understand the sales processes. With these insights, you can can understand your customers better and develop new strategies that increase your sales. We share that CRM applications that can increase sales by up to 29%.

Reduce time and costs

Kwikqy's AI-powered CRM can eliminate manual tasks like inputting and cleaning support requests, which reduces human errors. By performing these repetitive tasks continuously and without any mistakes, these tools can handle time consuming tasks within a few minutes.

Improved customer satisfaction

Understanding customers is one of the main challenges of businesses. Thanks to AI analyzing patterns in the customer data, you can better understand your customers and take accurate actions accordingly. In the end, these actions will increase your company revenue and improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Improved employee satisfaction

As AI can handle manual processes, employees don’t need to spend time on manual tasks, which reflects on their satisfaction and performance.

Benefits of Kwikqy CRM based on artificial intelligence
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