Technical Support Services

Last modified: 1 January 2022.

1. General

1.1 The following technical support services guidelines (" Guidelines ") apply to support services for  Kwikqy Workspace-services (" Services "), with the exception of the services and versions listed below that are excluded from coverage. Capitalized terms not defined in this document have the meanings set forth in the agreement governing Customer's use of Kwikqy Workspace-services (" Agreement "). To be clear, Kwikqy provides TSS for technical issues directly related to the provided Services, excluding any (internet)browser, internet connection, hardware (devices) or any other IT related issues, even when they influence the performance of the Services. 

Kwikqy recommends and supports the use of Kwikqy Chrome as (internet) browser. Should the Customer use an outdated browser, not all features of the Services might be available or run properly.

1.2. Technical support services. Provided payment of the applicable Fees, Kwikqy will provide TSS during the Term as per the TSS guidelines. Certain TSS levels incur periodic minimum fees as per the Order From, see Art 4.3.

2. Submit a Support Request

2.1 Submit. The Customer tries to solve the problem first. Before submitting a Request to Kwikqy, the Customer must make reasonable efforts to troubleshoot and repair any network connection errors, bugs, malfunctions or defects, without escalating to Kwikqy. Should the Customer require further assistance, or have questions, we advise to have a look at the Kwikqy Help Center page ( This TSS is free of charge within the SLA of all Services. After this the Customer can put in a Request for technical support digitally via the Kwikqy Help Center.

2.2 Classification of Requests. When the Customer submits a Request, he assigns a priority to the Request. When receiving a Request from a Customer, Kwikqy determines whether it is a “Service Blocker”, a “Standard Request” or a “Feature Request” (as defined in article  8 Definitions). What Kwikqy determines is final and binding for the Customer. Kwikqy reserves the right to change the Customer's priority rating if Kwikqy deems the Customer's priority rating incorrect and will notify the Customer of such change in a response to the support Request.

2.3 Procedures for approval and fulfillment of Requests. When submitting a Request, the Customer will provide requested diagnostic information, including but not limited to: (i) problem description, the Customer's configuration and network, (ii) relevant information, and shall (iii) answer questions and assist Kwikqy’s support personnel as needed.

2.4 Acknowledgment of Requests. Kwikqy may respond to a Request by acknowledging receipt of the Request. The Customer acknowledges and understands that Kwikqy may not be able to answer or resolve all Requests.

2.5 Feature Requests. If Kwikqy designates a Request as a Feature Request, Kwikqy will save such Requests for consideration to include in a future update or version of the Services and then consider the matter closed. Kwikqy has no obligation to respond to or comply with Feature Requests or to include such Feature Requests in future updates or versions.

3. Access to Support

3.1 Kwikqy Help Center. End Users using the Services may access the Kwikqy Help Center at or any other URL provided by Kwikqy. The Customer is responsible for responding to any questions and complaints from End Users or other third parties regarding the use of the Services by the Customer or its End Users, with the required support services being provided at Customer's expense.

3.2 Customer PIN. When submitting a Request by telephone, or any telephone contact regarding a Request, the Customer must provide a current Customer PIN. The Customer obtains this Customer PIN through the Admin Console and thereby (access to) support for the Services from Kwikqy. If, when prompted, the Customer is unable to provide the Customer PIN, the Customer will not have access nor rights to support via telephone. The Customer PIN is updated regularly and is only available in the Admin console.

Requests can be processed quicker after the Customer has submitted a digital notification including a complete description of the issue or question.If the Customer does not have access to support via telephone, the Customer is referred to the Kwikqy Help Center (knowledge bank) for general answers to questions, which can be reached via Through this route the Customer can also submit a Request and respond to the Kwikqy support team.

3.3 Call back service. Should digital support not offer the required solution, where necessary Kwikqy shall contact the Customer via telephone. This call back service is provided on the basis of availability, without any time indication or guarantees.

3.4 External issues. Kwikqy may choose not to respond to Requests for other IT-related technical issues, including, but not limited to, display issues with specific web pages, technical issues related to the underlying operating system, or device driver, printer issues, (local) network issues, internet issues, specifics of used devices, hardware related issues.

4. Support Levels

4.1 General. As part of the Customer's order for the Services, Kwikqy will provide Standard Support to Customer. The Customer may order additional TSS at an additional cost.

4.2 Standard Support. The Customer receives the following:
i. Automatic product upgrades from the Services
ii. Service Maintenance Updates
iii. Online self-help and training for End Users and Administrators, intended to assist Customer in implementing and using the Services
iv. Ability to submit a support Request
v. The Status Dashboard and Kwikqy Community which provide publicly available real-time status information about the Services

4.3 Subscription. Some TSS require a one-year or multi-year subscription. When the Customer signs up for such TSS, the Fees for that month will be calculated pro rata and will then be applied for each month during the subscription period. In determining the Fees for TSS, the total Fees of the Services and Additional Products will be leading.

Provided the payment of the applicable Fees, Kwikqy will provide TSS to the Customer during the Term as per the TSS guidelines. Certain TSS levels incur periodic minimum fees as per the Order From. Should the Customer downgrade the TSS level during a calendar month, or any other agreed period, Kwikqy can provide the TSS for the remainder of that calendar month or period, at the same level and the same Fees as before the downgrade.

4.4 Support Times and Target Times for First Response. In general any generic Request or a support Request and/or the handling of such Request is not subject to a set lead time or deadline (moment of solution), in the broadest terms, unless otherwise agreed in writing between Kwikqy and the Customer. Kwikqy strives to meet the target times as set out below, on work days and within working hours.

i. Kwikqy provides Customer access to support in the Kwikqy Help Center 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
ii. Target times for first response within Opening Hours in the Netherlands.

Priority P1: Standard Support - 4 hours. Enhanced Support: 2 hours. Premium Support: 1 hour.
Priority P2: Standard Support - 8 hours. Enhanced Support: 4 hours. Premium Support: 2 hours.
Priority P3: Standard Support - 24 hours. Enhanced Support: 12 hours. Premium Support: 6 hours.
Priority P4: Standard Support - 48 hours. Enhanced Support: 24 hours. Premium Support: 12 hours.

4.5 Enhanced Support. Enhanced Support is available in English from Monday until Friday from 9:00 until 22:00 o’clock CET and in Dutch during standard Opening Hours in the Netherlands. For Requests in Dutch submitted outside of Opening Hours in the Netherlands, Kwikqy will respond within the First Response target times as stated for Workspace Standard Support.

i. Value Added Services. The Customer may purchase the following Value Added Services for Enhanced Support at an additional cost.

  • Customer Success Manager (CSM). The Customer will get access to a Customer Success Manager (CSM). CSM includes: (a) guided support introduction, (b) guidance on best practices for handling cases, (c) technical support escalation management, (d) operational and case statistic reviews, and (e) training and optimization recommendations of the Services.

4.6 Premium Support.
i. Premium Support is available in English from Monday until Friday from 9:00 until 22:00 o’clock CET and in Dutch during standard Opening Hours in the Netherlands. Premium Support is also available on Saturdays from 11:00 until 15:00 o’clock CET. For Requests in Dutch submitted outside of Opening Hours in the Netherlands, Kwikqy will respond within the First Response target times as stated for Workspace Standard Support.

ii. As part of Premium Support, Customer will have access to a dedicated Customer Success manager (CSM)  (a) assist Customer in developing a strategy related to the Services, (b) advise on best practices with regarding the implementation and use of the Services, and (c) manage and coordinate technical support escalations with Kwikqy case experts to address technical questions related to the Services. It is possible to purchase additional access to the Customer Success Manager, subject to additional costs and conditions. Customer's account team may provide pricing information upon request.

5. General provisions

5.1 Maintenance. Kwikqy performs regular Maintenance to keep the Services working optimally. In most cases, Maintenance will have little or no negative impact on the availability and functionality of the Services. If Kwikqy expects scheduled Maintenance to adversely affect the availability or functionality of the Services, Kwikqy will use commercially reasonable efforts to provide at least seven days' notice of such Maintenance. In addition, Kwikqy may perform unscheduled Maintenance at any time in the event of an emergency. If Kwikqy expects such unscheduled Emergency Maintenance to adversely affect the availability or functionality of the Services, Kwikqy will use commercially reasonable efforts to provide notice in advance of such Maintenance. Maintenance notices are provided through the Kwikqy Workspace dashboard, Admin console, and/or the Kwikqy Community.

5.2 Language. Unless otherwise mentioned in these Guidelines, all support provided by Kwikqy Support personnel will be provided in English or Dutch.

5.3 Support term. Kwikqy will only provide the support services described in these Guidelines during the term of the Agreement when all invoices due and payable have been settled, and has no obligation to provide support services to the Customer after the termination of this Agreement

5.4 Processing Activities for Support Data. Kwikqy collects and processes Support Data to provide the support services described in these Guidelines and to maintain the Services.

5.5 On-Site Support. Kwikqy may, in its sole discretion and upon Customer's approval, dispatch Kwikqy Support personnel or a third party, to the Customer's location in response to a problem that cannot be resolved remotely. Kwikqy Support personnel or a third party, providing support at Customer's facilities will comply with Customer's reasonable on-site policies and procedures notified to Kwikqy in advance in writing.

On Site Support will at all times require an official and paid order confirmed by the Customer. At its own discretion, Kwikqy may send a prof-forma invoice, to be paid prior to the planning of the on site visit.

6 Re-assessment Request

The Customer can request a re-assessment by a Kwikqy Supervisor through any available support channel, or in the case of escalation by Kwikqy Support-management. Kwikqy has the right to refuse such a request without giving reason.

7. Costs unjustified Requests

Any costs incurred as a result of unjustified Requests, shall be invoiced to the Customer.

8. Definitions

For the purposes of these Guidelines, the capitalized terms below have the following meanings:

Feature Request: A Customer Request to include a new feature or enhance an existing feature of the Services, which is not currently part of the existing Services.

Kwikqy Community: The secured online environment where the Customer can communicate with Kwikqy and where (confidential) information on Kwikqy and its Services can be found.

Kwikqy Support Personnel: Kwikqy's representatives responsible for handling technical support requests.

Maintenance: Maintenance work performed on hardware or software on which the Services are provided.

Opening Hours in the Netherlands: 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM Monday to Friday (CET). Excluding national holidays.

Priority: The degree of influence a Request has on the Client's activities. This is used to determine the target response time. You can find definitions of available priority levels in our Help Center.

Request: A support request from the Customer (case) to Kwikqy Support personnel for technical support in resolving a question or issue related to the Services.

Service Blocker: A production issue that prevents more than one End User from accessing or using the Services. The Customer must mark a Request as 'Service unusable' by marking it as a Priority P1 Support Request.

Standard Request: A Request from Customer to Kwikqy that is not a "Service Blocker" or "Feature Request".

Support Information: Account Information and the information the Customer provides to Kwikqy to receive the support services described in these Guidelines, including support requests and the information provided to Kwikqy about the specific support issue.

Value Added Services: Additional TSS available to the Customer at an additional cost.